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Jacob Acosta

is an international “Zonafolk” recording and performing artist based in Tucson, Arizona with a musical degree in classical guitar and education. He performed for over 6 years as a jazz saxophonist until he picked up the guitar and started singing in 2003, while spending a year in New Jersey.

In 2006 he enrolled in the Fred Fox School of Music at the University of Arizona. In 2008 Jacob began his professional career as the lead singer of the indie rock group, Race You There. He has since worked with the legendary indie-producer John Vanderslice, been featured on NPR and TV, has had song placements on FOX, FORD, ESPN, & Codeschool. Jacob has played multiple festivals and tours across the United States, and has released sixteen records in the genres of blues rock, indie-shoegaze, pop, deep house, progressive house, organic house, americana and folk since 2008 with the groups Mason, Burning West, HYTS, and Roll Acosta. He has also collaborated and released music with both Where The Heart Is Records and MIR Records, along with David Hohme, Sasheen, Jody Wisternoff, Max and Nim, Dustin Nantais, and Desert Raven.

Performing most often in Arizona, his most popular local release is ‘Desert Sounds’ about Arizonan culture and the Southwest. His forthcoming release is Saint Corazón this 2024!

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